The Project

Building the Legacy of Tomorrow, Today

Welcome to The Time Capsule Project. We aim to record our time for those in the future. We do more than keep objects and messages; we record the real experiences, feelings, art, and hopes of people today. Join us in this effort to preserve what it means to be us now, for everyone who comes after.

Global Legacy


The Time Capsule Project is a global initiative aiming to capture today’s essence for future enlightenment. The heart of this project is to create 10 important capsules, each placed in different countries. This worldwide placement highlights our commitment to preserve the varied aspects of human culture and experience globally. These capsules serve as a record of humanity, containing stories, arts, and digital contributions that define our times.

The project plans to involve over a million people globally, offering a unique chance for individuals from all backgrounds to add to our collective legacy. By contributing, each person helps preserve the richness of our present as a gift for the future.

When sealed, these capsules will be buried for a hundred years at strategic sites, each marked by a monument that celebrates the legacy within. These monuments will symbolize our unity, creativity, and shared history, encouraging future generations to explore and connect with their past.

More than just preservation, this project fosters a profound dialogue between generations. As we begin this journey, we do more than preserve the past; we’re building a legacy to motivate, teach, and connect people a hundred years from now. Join us as we connect eras, celebrate our defining stories, and create bonds that overcome time.

At its core, The Time Capsule Project strives to capture the vibrancy of today for tomorrow’s enlightenment. It represents a vision of unity, a combined effort to weave together human experiences from different cultures and places, building a legacy that will inspire future generations with the scope and spirit of our time.

1000 way to Participate

Ways to Participate

Imagine a link to the future, a way to send your voice, vision, and secrets from today to tomorrow. The Time Capsule Project gives you this unique opportunity. What would you share if you knew it would be heard a hundred years from now? Here are some options to consider:

Messages to the Future

Seal your personal messages, letters, or predictions within our capsules. From heartfelt advice to future generations, to bold predictions about the world of tomorrow, let your words transcend time.

Secrets Preserved

Entrust us with your secrets, to be unveiled only when the future is ready. A personal mystery, a family story, or an undisclosed invention – your secret will safely journey through time.

Art Across Ages

Artists, musicians, and creators, here's your stage across centuries. Preserve your unrevealed masterpiece, whether it’s a painting, a digital artwork, or a musical composition, and let it inspire awe in the future.

Family Legacy

Pass down your family's story, values, or a message to your future lineage. Encapsulate your heritage in a time-bound message, ensuring your descendants know their roots and the tales of their ancestors.

Predictions Ledger

Share your vision for the next century. How do you foresee the evolution of technology, society, environment, health, or politics? Document your forecasts, and let history be the judge.

Time Travel Tokens

Insert a personal item or token that represents your current life, interests, or the era. From a simple keychain to a handwritten note encapsulating your thoughts, let these objects tell the story of today.

Voices of Today

Record an audio message, a song, or an oral history. Capture the sounds of your environment, your thoughts about the world, or a musical performance that resonates with the essence of our time.

Visual Time Stamps

Contribute a photo or video diary that showcases a day in your life, the beauty of your local environment, or significant events. Let these visual time stamps provide a window into your world.

Letters to Tomorrow

Write letters to unknown future inhabitants, sharing advice, hopes, or reflections on life as we know it. Imagine the hands that will unfold your letter a century from now.

Recipes Across Time

Preserve a family recipe or a dish that signifies your culture. Food is a powerful connector through time, carrying the flavors and stories of our heritage.

Digital Footprints

Curate a collection of your digital presence—social media posts, blog entries, or online articles that reflect your thoughts and experiences in the digital age.

Dreams and Wishes

Share your dreams for the future or wishes for the generations to come. What aspirations do you have for the world 100 years from now?

Eco Messages

Contribute messages or projects related to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Highlight actions taken today to ensure a greener planet for the future.

Ancestor Honors

Document the stories and achievements of your ancestors. This act of remembrance honors their legacy and connects the past with the future.

Who Are You?

Craft a personal profile or a bio that captures who you are today. Include your dreams, aspirations, the things you love, and the challenges you face. Share a snapshot of your life, making it a timeless introduction for someone a century away.

Participation in The Time Capsule Project is an opportunity to leave an indelible mark on history, ensuring your voice, vision, or secret becomes a part of our shared human legacy. It’s about connecting with the future, sparking curiosity, and inspiring those yet to come with the rich tapestry of our present-day humanity.

A New Dimension in Time Capsules

Our Unique Edge

The Time Capsule Project transforms the idea of time capsules. We focus on the human spirit of our time, capturing not just events but also the emotions, creativity, thoughts, and dreams that define us.

  • More Than Physical objects: Our project combines personal stories with physical items, providing a comprehensive view of both individual lives and shared experiences.
  • A Global Mosaic: We welcome contributions from all around the world, creating a diverse collection of human experiences that connect remote villages and busy cities in a common story.
  • A Century of Insight: Our project extends beyond the usual duration of time capsules, offering a century-long view on human society and culture. This provides future generations with special insight into our era.
  • Inclusivity at Its Core: We invite everyone to contribute. Every personal story and item, no matter how simple, is crucial to our shared human narrative.
  • The Fusion of Art and Science: We use advanced methods to preserve both digital and physical contributions, ensuring the capsules endure over time and technology.
  • Commitment to Ethics and Sustainability: Our methods are ethical and sustainable, showing respect for both the environment and the various cultures participating in our project.
  • Creating Timeless Connections: This project does more than preserve the past; it builds a bridge between the past, present, and future, allowing for direct communication across generations.

This unique mix of emotional depth, worldwide participation, long-term vision, inclusivity, and the combination of art and science distinguishes our project, marking it as a guidepost for future exploration and understanding.

A Journey Through Time


Our project unfolds in clear, ordered phases, each with specific goals and key steps that build towards the success of The Time Capsule Project.

Phase 1: Setting Our Foundations

This initial phase focuses on strategic planning and research to set up a strong foundation. We conduct thorough studies to ensure the project is feasible and choose countries that best represent our global vision. This stage is crucial for laying the groundwork of the project with a clear mission and practical objectives.

Phase 2: Building Our Framework

Here, we solidify the project's structure by setting it up legally, finalizing the design of the time capsule, setting content guidelines, and building our website. This phase expands to include forming our operational team, Advisory Board, and Expert Committee. It ends with a public presentation of the time capsule design and the detailed project plan.

Phase 3: Expanding Our Reach

We are currently focusing on gathering global participation, collecting contributions, and boosting fundraising. We're also starting talks with governments, educational bodies, and businesses to secure capsule locations. These discussions are key to ensuring we have a broad and representative collection and the support needed for the project.

In Progress
Phase 4: Laying the Groundwork

This next stage will start after we meet our goals for participant involvement and funding. It involves setting the exact locations for each capsule, including where monuments will go, and detailed talks with governments. We carefully handle all legal aspects and setup requirements for both the capsules and their monuments.

Phase 5: Sealing Our Legacy

We will build and test the capsules to make sure they're strong and fit well in their environments. We'll also finalize the catalog of contributions and seal the capsules. At the same time, we design and finalize the monuments in cooperation with local communities and governments.

Phase 6: Celebrating Our Journey

The final phase involves burying the capsules and setting up commemorative markers and monuments at each site. These monuments are designed with local input to reflect the area’s culture and history, standing as lasting symbols of the global legacy of the contributors. We also plan for ongoing maintenance of the sites and continuous educational activities to keep engagement with The Time Capsule Project alive.

A Legacy Beyond Time

Your Impact

Every contribution to The Time Capsule Project carries significant value – it connects, educates, and inspires. Your story, artifact, or message weaves into our shared history, carrying your personal legacy forward.

  • Adding Your Story to History: Your contributions give a personal angle to our historical record, offering future generations a closer, more personal view of our times.
  • Inspiring the Future: The thoughts, dreams, and experiences you share will motivate and fascinate future generations, bringing the spirit of our era to life.
  • Creating Worldwide Links: By contributing, you do more than preserve history; you become part of a worldwide story that celebrates our diverse and connected world.
  • Educating the Future: Your involvement offers crucial insights to future historians, sociologists, and educators, helping them to grasp the intricacies and wonders of our current society.

Your contribution is more than just a memory; it is a source of knowledge and inspiration, bridging the present with the future. It’s an opportunity to be remembered, to make a difference, and to connect deeply with generations to come.

Weaving the Threads of Our Time

The Concept

The Time Capsule Project redefines traditional time capsules, offering a comprehensive view of our era. It’s about capturing not just events, but the essence of our human experience—our feelings, thoughts, and dreams.

  • A Mixture of Stories and art: We welcome personal contributions that reflect individual identities and cultures. Each letter, artwork, or significant item contributes to a broader narrative that embodies the human spirit.
  • Valuing Diversity and Inclusion: Our project reaches across the globe, collecting varied experiences to create a detailed snapshot of human life.
  • Innovative Preservation: By blending tradition with modern techniques, we ensure that contributions are protected and endure for a century.
  • Dialogue Across Time: This project spans 100 years, creating a unique conversation between generations, offering future individuals a glimpse into our lives and era.
  • Dynamic and Participatory: As an active and evolving initiative, the project expands with each new contribution, mirroring the changing nature of human culture and life.

This concept aims not just to preserve memories but to forge a lasting legacy that transcends time, inviting future generations to delve into the mosaic of our collective human experience.

A Century of Connection and Legacy

Why a 100-Year

Choosing a 100-year timeline for The Time Capsule Project is a strategic decision to enhance connections between generations. This long period is ideal for keeping our current stories relevant and preserved for future generations.

  1. Cultural Continuity: One hundred years gives a deep view into the evolution of human culture and technology, keeping the narratives accessible and meaningful to future descendants.
  2. Educational Value: When opened, the capsules will provide a rich historical and cultural resource, revealing insights into our life in the early 21st century.
  3. Personal Connections: This timeframe creates a real bond between today’s contributors and their future descendants, increasing global involvement and the feeling of creating a legacy.
  4. Technological Suitability: A century is a suitable period for today’s preservation techniques, ensuring that the contents of the capsules remain intact.
  5. Sustainable Planning: This duration fits well with our sustainable, nonprofit approach, allowing for sound financial and resource management.

With this 100-year timeframe, we aim to build a legacy that does more than preserve memories—it inspires and connects people a century into the future.


The Time Capsule Project is a groundbreaking initiative that captures our current human experiences in a series of time capsules. These capsules will be buried underground at various locations around the world at the point of their completion. The plan is for them to be opened 100 years from the time of burial. This project is a concerted global effort to preserve diverse personal stories and art, creating a rich historical archive for future generations to explore and understand our era.

Our project is open to everyone – individuals, entities, schools, governments, and universities from all around the globe. We welcome diverse perspectives and contributions, embracing the rich tapestry of global experiences.

Contributions can be either digital or physical. Digital contributions may include documents, photos, or any other digital files. Physical contributions can range from letters and artwork to small personal items that hold significance to you.

All contributions should be submitted online through our website. This includes digital files directly uploaded and details of physical contributions, which will be followed by specific instructions on how to send them to us.

No, participating in The Time Capsule Project is completely free. We want everyone to have the chance to contribute to this global legacy, regardless of financial status. However, there are some limitations on participation. To bypass these limitations and secure your own space in the project, you can obtain your own TimeVault.

When choosing a capsule location, consider a place that resonates with your story or heritage. Each capsule represents a different part of our global community, and your choice helps weave your narrative into the fabric of that region’s future history

Once we receive your contribution, it’s carefully preserved and added to the chosen time capsule. Your story becomes a part of a larger narrative, a collective memory waiting to be discovered by future generations.

The capsules are set to be opened a century from now. This timeline allows us to connect with the future in a meaningful way, creating a unique dialogue between generations.

We take privacy seriously. Personal information is handled with the utmost care and respect, ensuring that your contribution is shared only in the ways you are comfortable with. We adhere to strict data protection standards to safeguard your story and identity. Read more about Confidentiality and Security.

Join the Journey

Be part of history, shape the future, and Leave a mark beyond time.

The Time Capsule Project
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