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A Nonprofit Mission to Unite Generations

From Today's Echoes to Tomorrow's Discoveries


Imagine a world one hundred years into the future, where future generations uncover the stories, dreams, and essence of our era. Welcome to The Time Capsule Project, a significant effort that goes beyond time and space. In this project, your contributions—memories, artifacts, art and digital legacies—will be the cherished relics for tomorrow’s world. Join us in this exceptional endeavor as we bring together a collection of global narratives, keeping the liveliness of today for the curiosity of the future.

Bridging Today with Tomorrow

Global Legacy Unites

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The Time Capsule Project is an innovative initiative aimed at connecting generations by capturing the vibrant essence of today for the wonder of tomorrow. This global, nonprofit venture welcomes everyone to contribute to 10 massive time capsules, each set to be buried in a different country, symbolizing our collective unity and the broad spectrum of human experiences. These treasures, designed to last for centuries, are intended to provide future generations with a comprehensive view of our current global community through a mix of physical artifacts and digital contributions. Participating in this project gives you a unique chance to add your story to our shared legacy, aiming to inspire and connect humanity across time. As we lay these capsules down, marked by monuments that honor our collective history, we do more than preserve today’s stories; we engage in a deep, intergenerational conversation meant to inspire, educate, and unite people a century from now. Join us in this significant journey as we honor the stories that define us, creating a legacy that endures beyond time and unites cultures and generations in a common goal of preservation and inspiration.

Join History's Largest and Longest Social Experiment

Journey Through Time

Step into history with The Time Capsule Project, a groundbreaking notprofit initiative designed to weave together the stories of today for the explorers of tomorrow. This unique project offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect lives, cultures, and moments across a span of 100 years.

Each capturing diverse global cultures and experiences.
The period each capsule will be buried, creating a century-long legacy.
Capsules placed in culturally and historically significant cities worldwide.
Redefining Time Capsules

Capturing Humanity's Essence

At the center of our global effort is The Time Capsule Project, an initiative that goes beyond the traditional scope of time capsules. These are not just containers for material objects; our capsules safeguard human stories, experiences, and emotions. This project is a journey that intertwines the fabric of our collective human experience, rich with the diverse narratives and insights from people across the globe.

The foundation of The Time Capsule Project is the recognition that our shared human experiences are priceless. Every contribution adds a thread to the tapestry of our time, capturing not just the physical aspects of our lives but also the hopes, dreams, and emotions that shape us. Whether it’s a digital memoir, a handwritten letter, or a small but significant artifact, each item contributes to the puzzle that forms our collective humanity.

1000 way to Participate

Ways to Participate

Imagine a bridge spanning a century, carrying voices, visions, and secrets from today into the world of tomorrow. The Time Capsule Project offers you this unique passage to the future. Whether it’s a whispered secret, a burst of creativity, or a message of hope, what would you share if you knew it would reach ears a hundred years from now? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Messages to the Future

Seal your personal messages, letters, or predictions within our capsules. From heartfelt advice to future generations, to bold predictions about the world of tomorrow, let your words transcend time.

Secrets Preserved

Entrust us with your secrets, to be unveiled only when the future is ready. A personal mystery, a family story, or an undisclosed invention – your secret will safely journey through time.

Art Across Ages

Artists, musicians, and creators, here's your stage across centuries. Preserve your unrevealed masterpiece, whether it’s a painting, a digital artwork, or a musical composition, and let it inspire awe in the future.

Family Legacy

Pass down your family's story, values, or a message to your future lineage. Encapsulate your heritage in a time-bound message, ensuring your descendants know their roots and the tales of their ancestors.

Predictions Ledger

Share your vision for the next century. How do you foresee the evolution of technology, society, environment, health, or politics? Document your forecasts, and let history be the judge.

Time Travel Tokens

Insert a personal item or token that represents your current life, interests, or the era. From a simple keychain to a handwritten note encapsulating your thoughts, let these objects tell the story of today.

Voices of Today

Record an audio message, a song, or an oral history. Capture the sounds of your environment, your thoughts about the world, or a musical performance that resonates with the essence of our time.

Visual Time Stamps

Contribute a photo or video diary that showcases a day in your life, the beauty of your local environment, or significant events. Let these visual time stamps provide a window into your world.

Letters to Tomorrow

Write letters to unknown future inhabitants, sharing advice, hopes, or reflections on life as we know it. Imagine the hands that will unfold your letter a century from now.

Recipes Across Time

Preserve a family recipe or a dish that signifies your culture. Food is a powerful connector through time, carrying the flavors and stories of our heritage.

Digital Footprints

Curate a collection of your digital presence—social media posts, blog entries, or online articles that reflect your thoughts and experiences in the digital age.

Dreams and Wishes

Share your dreams for the future or wishes for the generations to come. What aspirations do you have for the world 100 years from now?

Eco Messages

Contribute messages or projects related to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Highlight actions taken today to ensure a greener planet for the future.

Ancestor Honors

Document the stories and achievements of your ancestors. This act of remembrance honors their legacy and connects the past with the future.

Who Are You?

Craft a personal profile or a bio that captures who you are today. Include your dreams, aspirations, the things you love, and the challenges you face. Share a snapshot of your life, making it a timeless introduction for someone a century away.

Participation in The Time Capsule Project is an opportunity to leave an indelible mark on history, ensuring your voice, vision, or secret becomes a part of our shared human legacy. It’s about connecting with the future, sparking curiosity, and inspiring those yet to come with the rich tapestry of our present-day humanity.

A Journey Through Time

How It Works

Joining The Time Capsule Project is a simple, yet impactful journey. Here’s how you can become a part of this historic venture:

1. Choose Your Contribution

Digital or Physical: Decide if you want to share a digital story, image, or document, or if you have a physical item that captures the essence of today’s world.

2. Select Your Capsule

Global Locations: Pick from one of the 10 strategically placed capsules around the world. Each location is chosen for its cultural and historical significance, ensuring a diverse and inclusive legacy.

3. Submission Made Simple

Easy Uploading for Digital: Follow our straightforward process to upload your digital contributions.

Mail-In for Physical: For physical items, we guide you through packaging and mailing your piece to be included in your chosen capsule.

4. Customize Your Legacy

Personal Details: Choose to include your name and information with your contribution or remain anonymous. Your legacy, your choice.

5. Finalize and Contribute

Submit and Celebrate: Complete your submission through our secure portal. You’ll receive a confirmation, and your story or item begins its journey through time.

Make History

Why Contribute?

Preserve Personal Legacy

Immortalize your story within a global legacy, ensuring your voice echoes through generations.

Bridge Generations

Create a timeless connection, offering insights and wisdom to the future from today’s world.

Support Non-Profit Mission

Your contribution fuels our endeavor, keeping the project accessible and free for all to participate.

Celebrate Diversity

Contribute to a tapestry that showcases the richness of global cultures and individual experiences.

Inspire Future Innovations

Provide a foundation for future discoveries, inspiring innovations with the wisdom of our era.

Engage in Global Unity

Join a worldwide community in shaping a collective memory that unites cultures and histories.

Your Donation Matters
Support Our Legacy

Your Donation Matters

Every donation fuels The Time Capsule Project, enabling our nonprofit mission to keep history accessible to all. Your support not only enhances our preservation efforts and extends our global reach but also ensures participation remains free, allowing us to embrace a wider spectrum of stories from around the world. It plays a vital role in safeguarding these narratives for centuries and enriching our project with diverse perspectives. Your contribution is essential in helping us preserve the stories of today for the generations of tomorrow.