The Time Capsule Project, a nonprofit social enterprise, focuses on preserving personal narratives and items globally through large-scale time capsules. These capsules, placed in key global cities, symbolize the collective memories they hold. As a nonprofit social enterprise, we are committed to community benefit and ethical operations, encapsulating human experiences for future generations.

Bridging Generations, Uniting Cultures


The Time Capsule Project stands as a beacon of hope and unity, with a profound commitment to bridging the past, present, and future. Our endeavor is deeply rooted in the belief that personal narratives, cultural heritage, and the art of our era are invaluable treasures that must be preserved for posterity. We are dedicated to capturing the essence of early 21st-century life, thereby fostering a profound connection among diverse cultures across the globe. Our mission transcends the simple preservation of memory, aspiring to spark a global dialogue that champions inclusivity and accessibility. Through our concerted efforts, we aim to enrich research and understanding for future generations, celebrating our shared humanity and weaving an extraordinary human story that spans the entirety of the globe.

Envisioning a future where the stories, emotions, and cultural heritage of our time are seamlessly interwoven into a global tapestry, The Time Capsule Project aims to make these narratives accessible to future generations. We are committed not just to the preservation of these narratives but to fostering understanding and empathy that transcends the barriers of time and space. Our vision is to establish a sustainable and ethical resource that ignites curiosity, promotes learning, and deepens the appreciation for our shared human experience.

At the heart of The Time Capsule Project lie our core values: integrity, transparency, diversity, innovation, sustainability, collaboration, and respect. These principles are the foundation of our initiative, guiding every decision and action we undertake. We pledge to act with responsibility and empathy, extending our consideration not only towards our planet but in every interaction within our expansive global community. Our project is a celebration of the myriad human experiences, ensuring that every voice, story, and artistic expression is recognized and cherished. In dedicating ourselves to preserving the rich mosaic of our shared human heritage, we foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diversity that enriches us all.


Each capturing diverse global cultures and experiences.


The period each capsule will be buried, creating a century-long legacy.


Capsules placed in culturally and historically significant cities worldwide.

Charting Our Path Forward

Aims and Objectives

  • Preservation and Education: Our aim is to capture and safeguard the diverse tapestry of human experiences, ensuring these narratives are celebrated by future generations. We strive to be an essential resource, offering unique insights into the early 21st-century lives and cultures for scholars and researchers.

  • Global Engagement: We are dedicated to fostering global participation in our project, creating a sense of unity and shared heritage across diverse communities. This involves encouraging a global dialogue and collaboration, uniting people around the world in a collective endeavor.

  • Innovation and Sustainability: By promoting the fusion of artistic creativity with scientific precision, we ensure our time capsules represent the innovative spirit of our times. We commit to sustainable methods and ethical conduct in all activities, from material selection to the burial of the capsules, to minimize environmental impact.

  • Collaboration and Awareness: Our objective is to operate transparently as a nonprofit, reinvesting all resources into the project and enhancing its impact through partnerships. We engage in public awareness campaigns and educational initiatives, highlighting the importance of preserving human narratives and cultural diversity.

Through these consolidated aims and objectives, The Time Capsule Project aspires to create a legacy that transcends the present, enriching the present and enlightening the future.

In cooperation with
Guiding Our Journey with Expertise

Expert Committee

Our Expert Committee, a group of esteemed professionals from various disciplines, is deeply committed to guiding our project with scientific rigor and thematic integrity. They play an indispensable role in ensuring that the narratives, ideas, and creativity of our time are preserved for future generations with accuracy and depth. Through their expertise, they guarantee that the Time Capsule Project genuinely embodies the richness and diversity of human experience, making it a true reflection of our era.
Dr. Rob Haskins
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Music
University of New Hampshire
Dr. Scott Davison
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
Morehead State University
Dr. Maria Jelaca
Professor of Anthropology
Southwestern College
Dr. Michael Parrish
Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus
University of California San Diego
Dr. Antonio C. Cuyler
Professor of Music in Entrepreneurship & Leadership
University of Michigan
Dr. Mohammad Atari
Assistant Professor of Psychology at UMass Amherst
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dr. Michael Zanders
Professor of Music Therapy
Temple University
Dr. David DuBose
Associate Professor of Art
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Dr. Hollie Lincoln
Project Archaeologist
Michael Kermen Aakhus
Dean Emeritus College of Liberal Arts and Professor of Art
University of southern Indiana
Glen Cebulash
Professor of Art
Chair at Wright State University
Colleen Gianatiempo
Professor of Art
Utah Tech University
Liane Armenta
Cultural Anthropologist, Historian
Armenta Consulting Group
Ross Owen
Steering the Course with Vision and Strategy

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board, composed of respected leaders from diverse sectors, guides our initiative with crucial strategic insight. They make sure our vision, mission, and goals are achieved by leveraging their deep knowledge and wide connections. They play a key role in acquiring resources, creating important partnerships, and solving problems using their extensive experience. Acting as champions of our mission, they ensure our work resonates within the global community and enriches cultural heritage. As top experts in their areas, they enhance our decision-making process and help raise awareness about our efforts, increasing our impact.

Kym Hamer
CEO, Leadership & Personal Branding Coach - Building Brand You
Artemis Futures International Limited
Giovanni Luigi Bordone
Course Leader MA Marketing / Senior Lecturer Marketing and Creative Enterprise
London Metropolitan University
Zackery Torrence
Head of Thematic Partnerships | Startup Investor & Advisor

GlobalData Plc/CityWize

Liane Langdon
Executive, Non-Executive and Trustee Coach, Senior public service leader, and health and care consultant.
Clarity Consulting Associates Ltd
Jay Rabheru
Chief Digital Officer / Strategy Lead
Tata Consultancy Services
Pracheta Budhwar
Tech | Transformation | Changemaker | DEI Advocate | Intersectional Feminist | Artist
B.V.E. Hyde
University of Leeds
Preserving Humanity's Legacy

The Foundation

The Time Capsule Project was initiated with a profound vision: to ensure that personal and collective histories are preserved beyond our current era. It aims to safeguard the narratives of daily life, personal achievements, and artistic expressions, ensuring they resonate well into the future.

Amidst advances in artificial intelligence that blur the lines between authentic and synthetic creations, this project commits to preserving the purity of human expression. It offers a way to immortalize personal stories in time capsules spread across the globe, destined to be opened by future generations.

This initiative is a collective effort that encourages contributions from everyone, reflecting a spectrum of experiences that define our era. It’s an opportunity to leave a legacy that is not only remembered but celebrated in times to come.

Building a Sustainable Legacy


The Time Capsule Project is dedicated to safeguarding our collective narrative in a way that is accessible and inclusive, enabling everyone to participate at no cost. Our commitment is to uphold free access for all contributions, whether digital or physical, embodying our vision of a universally shared and diverse narrative.

Our Funding Strategy Includes:

  • Community Contributions: Our project is bolstered by individual donations, community support, and grants. These vital contributions are fundamental to our commitment to inclusivity and ensure that participation remains freely accessible to all.

  • Corporate Partnerships: We establish partnerships with businesses and corporations to secure financial funding. These agreements are essential for sustaining our efforts and allow our corporate partners to actively participate in supporting a range of cultural and educational initiatives. Through these financial engagements, corporations contribute directly to the preservation of diverse cultural heritages and educational outreach.

  • TimeVault Allocations: In support of our project’s financial sustainability, 10% of the capsule space is reserved for TimeVaults, which are available for allocation. These designated spaces enable individuals, families, or organizations to secure a section within the capsule for their personal or organizational legacies. The contributions derived from these allocations are crucial for funding the ongoing operations of the project and ensuring that participation remains free for the broader community.

This multifaceted approach to funding guarantees the robustness and lasting impact of The Time Capsule Project. 

Join the Journey

Be part of history, shape the future, and Leave a mark beyond time.

With over 30 years in strategy, marketing, and innovation, Kym Hamer is an international Leadership, Visibility, and Impact coach and the creator of Building Brand You™, a methodology helping organizations, teams, and individuals to develop their visibility and personal brand as building blocks for delivering sustained success both inside and outside their work. Kym understands what it takes to be visible with intention, and the impact that this can have, and loves working with leaders to inspire, align, and engage to achieve results and leave a legacy.
In 2020, Kym was nominated by Thinkers360 as one of the Top 100 Women in B2B Leadership Influencers. In 2022 she was nominated for the second time in addition to being one of the Top 25 Influencers in Marketing and Top 20 Personal Branding Influencers globally. For 4 years running Kym has also been one of Thinkers360’s Top 10 Thought Leaders in Entrepreneurship and 2023, was recognised as one of Thinkers360s Top Voices globally.

Since 2020, Kym has also been part of the Strategy Faculty with Homeward Bound Projects – a global initiative reaching 1.8 billion people that is equipping women in STEMM to lead and shape the future of our planet – and is currently the Programme Faculty Lead for the 8th cohort of more than 110 women. Kym voyaged to Antarctica in November 2023 as part of the onboard faculty to facilitate the program’s final immersive leadership phase.

Kym is also the host of the chart-topping podcast Building Brand You™ as well as appears as a guest on podcasts to discuss personal branding, leadership, power as well as entrepreneurship, women in leadership, and her transitions and choices that support her purpose in leading a vibrant fulfilling and joyful life and empowering others to do the same.

Giovanni is a notable figure in marketing and creative enterprise, serving as Course Leader for MA Marketing and Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University. His transition from PriceWaterHouse Coopers to fashion, including pivotal moves to China and a bold shift to a textile company, mark significant decisions in his career. Giovanni champions the essence of common sense, emotional intelligence, and aesthetic sensibility in professional success, emphasizing the impact of first impressions through attention to detail in personal presentation.

Earning the title of “Most Stylish Real Men” by in October 2016, Giovanni has dressed and styled global leaders and icons, underlining his influence in the fashion world. His work and insights, celebrated by media like the BBC and Al Jazeera, reflect his commitment to imparting a vision of style and substance. As a UEL alumnus and representative on the Alumni Advisory Board for the School of Arts and Creative Industries, Giovanni’s journey is a testament to embracing one’s path and leading with innovation and integrity.

Zackery Torrence, currently leading Thematic Partnerships at GlobalData, embodies the spirit of innovation and leadership within the tech and travel industries. With a robust background that includes pivotal roles at Zillow,, and Nintendo, Zack has honed his expertise in sales, strategic partnerships, and customer service excellence. As he pursues an MBA at Western Governors University, Zack continues to guide a team of sales professionals at GlobalData Plc, a premier data and analytics firm, towards new heights of success.

Zack’s journey is fueled by a deep-seated passion for connecting with people, solving complex challenges, and generating tangible value. His commendable ability to drive business growth and forge strategic alliances has been demonstrated across his career, earning him recognition as a dynamic leader in his field. Beyond his professional pursuits, Zack is an enthusiastic investor and entrepreneur, having established CollegePark Capital—a holding company focused on investing in cutting-edge startups—and a yet-to-be-revealed venture poised to disrupt the market.

In his quest for continuous improvement and impact, Zack dedicates his free time to storytelling, acquiring new skills, and scouting for novel opportunities. His open invitation to connect and share ideas reflects his commitment to influencing the sales and entrepreneurship landscapes positively. Zackery Torrence is not just a leader; he’s a visionary determined to leave a lasting mark on the world of business and innovation.

Liane is a renowned executive, coach, and consultant with a profound track record in public service and healthcare consultancy. Specializing in bringing people together, she excels at embedding innovation and designing systems to enhance flow and efficiency. Her approach eliminates waste and focuses on quality improvement through both transformative and incremental changes. Liane combines strong strategic thinking and diagnostic skills with creative and practical problem-solving, which supports the creation of infrastructures necessary for sustained performance and improvement.

Jay Rabheru is a distinguished leader in the Global Life Sciences & Healthcare sector, with a formidable track record across human pharmaceuticals, consumer health, CRO, and animal health industries. His expertise spans local, regional, and global leadership roles, where he has been instrumental in driving business growth and transformation. As a strategic partner for C-level executives, Jay specializes in guiding organizations through transformational changes, optimizing product launches, and executing strategies that are supported by a solid foundation in technology, information, data, and people enablement.

His leadership extends to overseeing global commercial initiatives, including acquisitions, separations, building new teams, and managing large and diverse global teams. Jay’s commitment to excellence is evident in his approach to global portfolio delivery and digital transformation programmes. He is highly regarded for his ability to define and execute strategic roadmaps that convey a long-term vision, employing storytelling to engage and align teams with the organization’s goals. Under his leadership, teams are developed into high-performing units focused on delivering exceptional results and ensuring a significant return on investment. Jay Rabheru’s visionary leadership not only anticipates future trends in the life sciences and healthcare industry but actively shapes them, fostering environments where innovation and growth flourish.

Pracheta is an accomplished executive in the Technology sector with a proven record of delivering growth at the leading edge of innovation whilst maintaining bottom-line results.

In a career spanning twenty years and during her tenures at Accenture, Microsoft, and Fidelity across three continents, she has built new practices, grown double-digit YoY business, and delivered first-of-its-kind scaled solutions in the cloud.

Pracheta is passionate about equality and a known advocate who made interventions within companies she had worked at and at public discourse at large to advocate change and challenge the status quo.
Most recently, as part of the D&I leadership team at Accenture Technology UKI, she sponsored and spearheaded building data insights to define interventions and impact diversity retention.

Pracheta received a Fellowship from She creates change, a program run by for her efforts to bring gender parity and environmental dialogue.

B.V.E. Hyde is an analytic philosopher of science and metascientist with an interdisciplinary interest in what good science looks like and what it means for an inquiry to be scientific, unscientific, or pseudoscientific. His work mostly focuses on methodology but also addresses research ethics; it can be characterised under the study of history and philosophy of science (HPS), the sociology of scientific knowledge (SSK), or science and technology studies (STS). 

Hyde’s interest lies in what good science and policy look like. This involves conceptual analysis of scientific ideals such as objectivity and integrity as well as theorizing about values in science, scientific method, how science relates to society, and theory choice.

Much of his philosophic work is intended to be relevant to practitioners and policymakers; thus, Hyde often conducts research into mechanisms of the scientific community like peer-review and spends time looking at real scientific policies published by societies, research funders and government departments. 

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