The Time Capsule Project extends a warm invitation to engage in a momentous global undertaking. As we set forth on this mission to bridge the gap between eras, we offer you an exclusive chance to determine the future cities within our selected countries where our time capsules will be placed.

Determining the Destinations of Our Time Capsules

Choosing Capsule Locations

Participation in the Time Capsule Project is open to both individuals and entities, regardless of their location or affiliation. Each participant has the freedom to choose the specific time capsule they wish to contribute to, based on their personal preferences and interests.

Country Selection: The Time Capsule Project has currently identified nine countries, each with its unique cultural and historical significance, for the placement of our time capsules. These countries have been chosen for their ability to represent the broad spectrum of global heritage. As for the tenth country, we are actively exploring options to ensure it meets our project’s criteria for cultural, historical, and geographical diversity. We invite our community’s input and suggestions as we finalize this important decision.

City Selection: Within each country, the project collaborates with local governments and authorities to identify suitable cities or locations for time capsule placement. Once a time capsule project in a specific country is ready to commence, participants who have selected that country will be invited to vote on the city or location where the time capsule will be buried.

Community Involvement: The selection of the city is a collaborative process, involving the active participation of those who have chosen to contribute to that specific time capsule. This ensures that the chosen location resonates with the collective choice of the participants.

Future Expansion: While the project initially focuses on the ten selected countries, there is a possibility of expanding to new locations in the future. The project’s growth and inclusion of additional locations will be driven by the evolving interests and diversity of its participants.

By allowing participants to select both the country and the city for their chosen time capsule, the Time Capsule Project fosters a sense of ownership and involvement, creating a truly global and inclusive initiative.

Diverse Selection Reflecting Global Heritage

Selection Criteria

The Time Capsule Project follows a rigorous selection process to ensure that the elected locations represent the rich tapestry of our global heritage. Our criteria for choosing these locations encompass various aspects that contribute to the project’s success and its ability to reflect the diversity of human experience.

Key Considerations in Our Selection:

  1. Political Stability and Safety: We prioritize locations with a history of political stability and safety, safeguarding the long-term preservation of the capsules.

  2. Cultural and Historical Richness: Elected locations are chosen for their profound cultural and historical significance, enriching the contents of the capsules.

  3. Geographical Diversity: Our selection spans different continents and climates, offering a comprehensive geographical representation.

  4. Accessibility and Legal Framework: Locations are assessed for their accessibility and the presence of legal frameworks conducive to project implementation and protection.

  5. Language Diversity: We consider locations that exhibit linguistic diversity, encompassing a wide range of languages spoken by their populations.

  6. Specific Regional Representation: In some cases, certain locations may stand out due to their unique attributes, such as cultural richness.

  7. Freedom of Speech: Locations considered for the project must have a minimum freedom of speech score based on the Freedom of Expression Index. A score of at least 0.50 is required, ensuring a conducive environment for the free exchange of ideas and the protection of expression. 

The Time Capsule Project aims to create a balanced representation of our world’s geographical, cultural, linguistic, and historical diversity. These criteria guide our selection process to ensure that the project resonates with a wide array of global communities, celebrating both our differences and shared human experiences.

A Tapestry of Global Heritage

Selected Countries

After thorough evaluation and in alignment with our selection criteria, we have proudly identified nine countries that will host our time capsules. These countries have been chosen for their unique contributions to the global narrative, representing a harmonious blend of cultural diversity, historical significance, and global presence:

TTCP map 2024


  • USA (United States): Offers a broad spectrum of human experiences due to its significant cultural diversity and global influence.
  • Brazil: Brings a unique perspective with its vibrant culture and rich history.
  • UK (United Kingdom): Acts as a bridge between different eras and cultural influences, thanks to its historical significance and cultural heritage.
  • Spain: Adds valuable insights into historical and contemporary life with its rich history and unique regional cultures.
  • South Africa: Highlights themes of resilience and diversity through its complex history.
  • India: Serves as a repository of diverse languages and vibrant traditions, shaping global philosophies.
  • Australia: Reflects a blend of indigenous cultures and modernity, offering a unique perspective on tradition and innovation.
  • Japan: Represents the fusion of tradition and modernity through its cultural heritage and technological advancements.
  • South Korea: Symbolizes human endeavor’s transformative power with its rapid development and cultural exports.

Anticipating the Tenth Country

Our mission to create a comprehensive global tapestry is ongoing, and the selection of a tenth country is an active part of our journey. While we have carefully chosen nine countries that embody our project’s values and goals, we are still in the process of identifying a location that meets our rigorous selection criteria. This search for the tenth country is guided by our commitment to representing global diversity and ensuring each location’s political stability, cultural richness, and accessibility. We look forward to sharing more information as we continue to explore potential candidates for this significant role in our project.

Current numbers of global participants based on time capsule chosen locations
Shape a Legacy That Transcends Time

Join the Journey

Embark on this time-defining quest with The Time Capsule Project. As a cherished contributor, your role is pivotal in shaping our journey. The selection of specific cities or locations for our time capsules will be guided by your collective decisions, embedding your essence into the tapestry of human history. Your voice is a commitment to a legacy that bridges generations, transcending boundaries. Join us in this monumental endeavor; every contribution is a step towards a future where our shared narratives are celebrated and preserved for posterity.