Physical Contributions

The Time Capsule Project is a gateway for preserving today’s tangible tokens—physical items that embody our memories, emotions, and experiences—for future discovery. These contributions, ranging from personal memorabilia to cultural artifacts, form direct, tangible connections between our present and future explorers, offering a unique perspective on the diversity and richness of our current civilization. Through these items, we share a piece of our lives, culture, and community, crafting a legacy that bridges time and space.
What to Preserve

Eligible Items

In contributing to The Time Capsule Project, your physical items become a bridge to the future, a tangible connection to the past for generations yet unborn. Our project embraces a wide array of physical contributions, each carrying the weight of personal or historical significance. Below, find detailed specifications for items eligible for inclusion and examples of contributions that perfectly embody the spirit of our endeavor.

Specifications for Acceptable Physical Items:

  • Dimensions: Items must fit within the size constraints of the shared compartments or the private caplet you select. For shared compartment contributions, items should not exceed dimensions of 25 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm. For private caplets, items must fit within the dimensions of the selected caplet size without requiring forceful insertion.
  • Material: Contributions should be made of durable, non-perishable materials capable of withstanding the test of time without significant degradation. Suitable materials include metals, ceramics, glass, and certain plastics. All items must be free of hazardous substances and sealed to prevent leakage or contamination.
  • Condition: Items should be in a condition that will maintain their integrity over a century. This includes being free from organic materials that may decay, and ensuring any mechanical or electronic components are removed or permanently disabled (for items in private caplets).

Examples of Ideal Contributions:

  1. Personal Memorabilia: Items like medals, coins, or jewelry that carry sentimental value or historical significance.
  2. Letters and Documents: Handwritten letters, diaries, or documents encapsulating personal stories or reflections on the era. Ensure paper materials are well-preserved and protected.
  3. Photographs: Printed photographs capturing moments, landscapes, or individuals that tell a story of our time.
  4. Artifacts: Small artifacts or crafts that reflect cultural heritage, artistry, or innovation.
  5. Educational Materials: Maps, blueprints, or other educational materials offering insight into the knowledge and technology of our era.

For those opting for private caplets, while you have the flexibility to include a broader range of items, we remind you that digital storage devices are not accepted. This ensures all contributions remain accessible and meaningful to future generations without the barriers of technological obsolescence.

Contributing to The Time Capsule Project is a chance to leave a mark on history, to ensure that the essence of our lives today resonates far into the future. We welcome your participation in this journey of legacy and discovery.

Preserving Integrity

Items Not Accepted

While The Time Capsule Project is designed to be a diverse and inclusive repository of our era’s culture and memories, there are specific items that, due to their nature, cannot be accepted for inclusion in the capsule. Understanding these restrictions is crucial for ensuring that all contributions remain preserved and meaningful for future generations. Here, we detail the types of items that fall outside our project’s scope and the reasons behind these limitations.

List of Items That Cannot Be Included:

  1. Perishable Materials: Any items that are biodegradable, organic, or perishable are not accepted. This includes food items, plants, or any material prone to decay, as these can compromise the integrity of the capsule and its contents over time.

  2. Hazardous Substances: Items containing or made from toxic, flammable, or radioactive materials are strictly prohibited. This includes batteries, chemicals, and anything that poses a risk to the safety of the capsule and its future handlers.

  3. Oversized Items: Any item exceeding the dimension restrictions of 25 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm for shared compartments, or the specific dimensions of the selected private caplet, cannot be accommodated. The integrity of the capsule’s design must be maintained to ensure its preservation.

  4. Digital Storage Devices: In light of potential technological obsolescence and the inability to guarantee future accessibility, digital storage devices (USB drives, CDs, hard drives, etc.) are not accepted in any contribution type. For digital contributions, please use the designated digital contribution process on our platform.

  5. Live or Endangered Species Materials: Items made from or containing parts of endangered species or live organisms are not permissible under any circumstances. This aligns with our commitment to ethical and legal standards.

Clarification on Restrictions:

  • Perishability and Integrity: Items must be capable of withstanding a century of storage without decomposing or endangering the capsule’s environment. This ensures that all contributions remain intact and safe for future discovery.
  • Safety and Legality: The exclusion of hazardous substances and materials from endangered species ensures that the project adheres to global safety and legal standards, protecting our future legacy and those who will interact with the capsule.
  • Technological Accessibility: By excluding digital storage devices, we aim to eliminate the risk of data becoming inaccessible due to the rapid evolution of technology. This decision ensures that the contributions can be appreciated and understood by future generations without the need for specific technological tools.

Our project’s mission is to preserve a snapshot of our era in a way that is safe, meaningful, and accessible to future generations. Understanding and adhering to these restrictions is a vital part of contributing to The Time Capsule Project, ensuring that we collectively create a legacy that stands the test of time.

Securing Your Legacy

Packaging and Preparation

Ensuring the safety and durability of your contributions to The Time Capsule Project is paramount. Proper packaging is essential to protect these precious items during transport and throughout their long-term storage. This section provides detailed instructions and recommendations on how to prepare and package your physical contributions effectively.

Packaging Instructions:

  1. Clean and Secure: Before packaging, clean your item gently to remove any dust or debris. If it’s a fragile item, secure any movable parts with soft padding or bubble wrap to prevent damage during transport.

  2. Wrap Individually: Use acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap to individually wrap each item. This provides a protective layer that shields the items from scratches, moisture, and other potential damage.

  3. Use Sturdy Containers: Place your wrapped item in a sturdy, rigid box. The box should be appropriately sized for the item, ensuring minimal movement inside. For extra protection, consider double-boxing (placing one box inside another with cushioning material in between).

  4. Cushioning: Fill any voids in the box with cushioning materials such as foam padding, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts. This helps absorb shocks and keep the item securely in place during transportation.

  5. Seal Tightly: Seal the box with strong packing tape. Make sure all openings and seams are securely taped to prevent the box from opening during transit.

Recommended Packaging Materials:

  • Acid-Free Tissue Paper: Ideal for wrapping items to prevent discoloration or damage over time.
  • Bubble Wrap: Provides excellent cushioning for fragile items.
  • Sturdy Boxes: Choose boxes made from heavy-duty cardboard for maximum protection.
  • Packing Peanuts or Foam: Useful for filling voids and providing additional cushioning.
  • Packing Tape: Use high-quality packing tape to ensure the box stays sealed.
  • Water-Resistant Envelopes: For smaller, flat items such as letters or photographs, consider using water-resistant envelopes for added protection against moisture.

Final Checklist:

  • Ensure the item fits within the allowed dimensions for its contribution type (25 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm for shared compartment contributions; check specific dimensions for private caplets).
  • Label the package clearly with your contribution reference number. This is crucial for us to identify and correctly catalog your item upon receipt.
  • Consider insuring your package, especially for items of significant value or emotional importance.
  • Use a trackable shipping method to monitor the progress of your shipment to our processing center.

By following these packaging and preparation guidelines, you help safeguard your contribution’s journey to The Time Capsule Project. Your meticulous effort in this process is a valuable step in ensuring that your legacy, and the collective memory it represents, is preserved with care for future generations.

Final Steps to History

Shipping Instructions

Before Sending Your Item:

  • Registration Required: Ensure you have registered your contribution on our portal. This step is crucial as it generates a unique contribution number for your item. This number must be included with your package to identify and process your contribution correctly.

Preparing Your Package:

  • Include Contribution Number: Clearly mark your package with the contribution number provided upon registration. Packages received without a valid contribution number may not be processed and could be returned or disposed of.
  • Parcel Fees: All shipping costs must be covered by the contributor. Please ensure that any postage or courier fees are fully paid in advance. We cannot accept shipments that require payment upon delivery and will return or reject such items.
  • Use Trackable Shipping: We highly recommend using a shipping service that provides tracking information. This ensures that you can monitor your item’s journey to us and confirm its safe arrival.

Shipping Address:

  • After submitting your contribution request and receiving your contribution number, you’ll get an email with the precise shipping address for your physical item.

Upon Receipt:

  • Confirmation of Receipt: Once your contribution arrives and is processed, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will confirm that your item has been safely received and is now part of The Time Capsule Project.

Important Reminders:

  • Responsibility for Delivery: The contributor is responsible for ensuring the item’s delivery to our designated address. We advise keeping a record of your tracking number and following up with the shipping provider if any delivery issues arise.
  • No Unregistered Items: Only items with a registered contribution number and corresponding pre-paid shipping fees will be accepted. Unregistered items or those requiring additional payment upon delivery will not be processed.

By following these guidelines, you help us streamline the process of incorporating your valuable contributions into The Time Capsule Project. Your participation is a significant step towards preserving our collective legacy for future generations.

Choosing Your Path

Physical Contribution Options

The Time Capsule Project offers two main ways for contributing physical items to bridge the past, present, and future: through Shared Compartments or Private Caplets. This structure allows everyone to participate and supports the project’s sustainability.

Shared Compartments: A Collective Effort

Central to our mission is inclusivity. Most of the capsule space is reserved for Shared Compartments, where anyone can contribute items of personal or historical importance. This option ensures wide participation, creating a collective snapshot of our civilization.

  • Accessibility: Open to all, promoting a collective heritage.
  • Contributions: Items must meet specific size criteria to ensure fair participation.

Private Caplets: Your Personal Space

For those looking for a more personalized contribution, we offer Private Caplets. This option supports the project financially and allows for a more tailored collection of items.

  • Financial Contribution: Obtaining a Private Caplet supports the project’s continuity.
  • Flexibility: Allows for a variety of items within the caplet’s size limit.
  • Acquisition and Return: Contributors can fill the caplet themselves or have our team do it.

Choosing Your Contribution Path

Our dual contribution model balances widespread participation with financial sustainability. Shared Compartments embody our collective story, while Private Caplets offer an individual or group the chance to contribute a broader array of items and support the project financially.

Beyond Physical Items: Digital Contributions

Understanding the limitations of physical items, especially the rapid obsolescence of digital storage devices, we’ve established a separate process for digital contributions. This process uses technology designed to last 100 years, ensuring that digital content remains preserved and accessible for future generations.

Your Role in Preserving History

By contributing to The Time Capsule Project, you help preserve tangible pieces of our era. Whether through a shared compartment or a private caplet, your participation weaves into the rich mosaic of human history, capturing the essence of our time for future exploration and understanding.

Crafting Your Legacy

The Caplets

In the heart of our Time Capsules lies the caplets, a cornerstone of our endeavor to bridge epochs by safeguarding the echoes of our civilization. These are not merely containers; they are meticulously engineered vessels crafted from aviation-grade aluminum, designed to house individual or grouped physical contributions. With three distinct sizes, each caplet is tailored to accommodate a diverse range of item dimensions, from intimate personal treasures to substantial artifacts. The choice of material ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and lightness, while the matte black finish, achieved through anodization, mirrors our commitment to blending innovation with aesthetic sophistication. This versatility affords contributors a private, secure domain for encapsulating a more personalized legacy.

Emphasizing Accessibility and Exclusivity

A defining feature of The Time Capsule Project is our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Remarkably, 90% of the space within each of our 10 global time capsules is dedicated to shared compartments, available at no charge to contributors worldwide. This allows for a collective snapshot of our era, making participation universally accessible. Only 10% of each capsule is reserved for Private Caplets, ensuring that the option for personalized legacy preservation remains exclusive and unique. This limited allocation underscores the rarity and value of securing a Private Caplet, making it a distinctive choice for those wishing to leave a personal mark on the future. Private Caplets offer a unique advantage by providing a dedicated space for a wider array of items, allowing for a more significant personal contribution compared to the shared compartments. These caplets come in larger sizes, ensuring that individuals can include more substantial or a greater number of items in their personal legacy.

Crafting Your Legacy: Personalized Caplet Options

While we champion open participation through our shared compartments, we acknowledge the aspirations of individuals, families, or organizations seeking a more personalized narrative. For these contributors, we present the option of Private Caplets. Opting for a Private Caplet involves a fee that reflects not only the physical value of the caplet but also the privilege of claiming an exclusive berth within our time capsule. This nuanced approach supports our project’s financial sustainability, enabling the perpetuation of legacies across generations. The fees for each Private Caplet include the cost of the caplet itself, the space it occupies, and contribute towards the project’s financial health, making each Private Caplet an investment in both personal legacy and the project’s future.


Caplet Options
Caplet Options

Delineating Caplet Sizes and Their Capacities:

  • Apex Caplet: Designed for those intent on conserving small yet profoundly significant items, the Apex Caplet, with dimensions of 10 cm in height and hexagonal sides of 5 cm, encapsulates approximately 649.52 cubic centimeters. It’s the quintessential choice for safeguarding cherished mementos like photographs, letters, or small heirlooms.

  • Comb Caplet: The Comb Caplet, measuring 25 cm in height with hexagonal sides of 5 cm and encompassing about 1623.80 cubic centimeters, offers a perfect equilibrium between size and utility. It’s well-suited for a moderate collection of personal belongings, memorabilia, or documents, enabling contributors to capture a wide array of moments and memories.

  • Core Caplet: The Core Caplet is our most expansive option, designed for extensive collections or larger artifacts. Standing at 50 cm with hexagonal sides of 5 cm and housing approximately 3247.60 cubic centimeters, it is ideal for securing significant legacies, from sizable memorabilia to extensive archives.

Choosing and Contributing to Your Caplet:

Upon selecting the ideal caplet size, contributors face a choice between directly sending their items to be placed within the caplet by our team, or opting to personally fill their caplet by having it sent to them. For those choosing the latter, the only requirement is covering the return shipping fees, offering a flexible approach to how personal or organizational legacies are encapsulated and preserved within our time capsules.

The Significance of Securing Your Own Space:

Opting for a private caplet is a deliberate act of weaving your narrative into the fabric of time, ensuring that your legacy—or that of your organization or family—is preserved with integrity for posterity. It’s a testament to the belief that our present moments are treasures for the future, encapsulating the essence of our era for generations yet unborn. Whether through an Apex, Comb, or Core Caplet, your participation in The Time Capsule Project is an investment in both personal legacy and the project’s sustainability.

Join us in this journey of preservation and legacy. Secure your space in The Time Capsule today and leave an indelible mark on the annals of time, knowing that your contribution supports not just the preservation of history but also the financial sustainability of this visionary project. With only 10% of each capsule dedicated to these private, personalized spaces, the opportunity to partake is as rare as it is meaningful—ensuring a unique and limited legacy for those who choose to participate.

Community vs. Individuality

Shared Compartments vs. Private Caplets

Feature Shared Compartments Private Caplets
Accessibility Open to all, free of charge. Requires a financial contribution for space.
Contribution Type Single physical items with sentimental or historical value. Multiple items, including personal collections. Flexibility in item types within physical parameters.
Size Limitations Items must adhere to specific dimensions (25 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm). Varies based on caplet size selected (Core, Comb, Apex). No single item dimension restriction within caplet capacity.
Material Restrictions Durable, non-perishable materials only. No hazardous substances. Similar to shared compartments. Items must be made of materials that can withstand long-term preservation.
Contribution Process Item is added to a communal legacy within the capsule. Contributor has a dedicated, private space within the capsule for their items.
Cost Free. The cost is associated with securing a private space, not the purchase of the caplet itself. Prices available on the contribution portal.
Personalization Part of a collective legacy. Offers a more personalized legacy, with the option to curate a collection of items.
Contribution Number Requirement Yes, required for item identification and processing. Yes, necessary for both securing the caplet and ensuring item(s) match the contributor’s record.
Packaging and Shipping Contributor responsible for adhering to packaging guidelines and shipping costs. Similar responsibilities, but with the added option to receive the caplet for personal packing, subject to a refundable insurance deposit.
Digital Contributions Not applicable for physical contributions. Separate digital contribution process available for digital items. Not applicable for physical contributions. Separate digital contribution process available for digital items.
Long-term Impact Contributes to a mosaic of human experiences, accessible to future generations. Provides a unique, individualized snapshot of the contributor’s legacy for future discovery.
Be a Part of the Tapestry

Join the Journey

Embark on a journey through time by contributing a physical item to The Time Capsule Project. Your unique contribution will become a part of a global legacy, preserved for future generations to discover. Join us now and leave your mark on history by securing your space in the capsule—a testament to our shared human experience.


You can contribute personal memorabilia, letters, photographs, and small keepsakes that have significant meaning to you. Ensure they fit within the dimensions of 25 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm for shared compartments, or select a private caplet for larger items.

First, submit your contribution through our online portal, where you’ll receive a unique contribution number. This number must accompany your item during shipping to ensure it’s correctly logged in our system.

Yes, we cannot accept perishable materials, oversized items beyond the specified dimensions for shared compartments, or any form of digital storage devices. For a detailed list, refer to the “Items Not Accepted” section.

For shared compartments, you’re limited to one item per capsule. If you’re looking for more space or wish to contribute multiple items, consider opting for a private caplet.

Shared compartments are freely accessible for public contributions, limited to one item per contributor, per capsule. Private caplets offer a personalized space for a broader range of items or collections, requiring a financial contribution to support the project.

Package your item in acid-free paper or bubble wrap, place it in a sturdy box with padding, and ensure it’s well-secured. Include your unique contribution number clearly on the package.
The shipping address depends on your location. After registering your contribution, visit the provided link to find the updated address list based on your geographical area.
Use a trackable shipping service to send your item. Once received, we’ll send you a confirmation email acknowledging the safe arrival and logging of your contribution.
Items that don’t adhere to the guidelines or are sent without a contribution number may be excluded from the capsule. We encourage you to carefully review the eligibility criteria before sending your item.
Choose items that are meaningful, follow the packaging and shipping instructions carefully, and ensure your contribution is registered and accompanied by its unique number. Your thoughtful participation will help secure your item’s place in history.