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Imagine a world one hundred years into the future, where future generations uncover our era’s stories, dreams, and essence. Welcome to The Time Capsule Project, a significant effort beyond time and space. In this project, your contributions—memories, art, and digital legacies—will be treasured in tomorrow’s world. Join this exceptional initiative as we compile a collection of global narratives, capturing today’s vibrancy for the future’s curiosity.

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Bridging Today with Tomorrow

Global Legacy Unites

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The Time Capsule Project is a global nonprofit initiative designed to capture and preserve the diversity of human experiences across different countries. By establishing time capsules around the world, we are creating a tapestry of human history that symbolizes unity and shared heritage. These capsules, safeguarded by iconic monuments, will serve as lasting beacons of human achievement and cooperation. Each location has been strategically chosen to reflect the rich cultural diversity of our planet, ensuring that the project embodies the essence of global community. Join us in this monumental effort to forge a legacy that transcends borders and epochs, celebrating the vibrant spectrum of humanity.

Join History's Largest and Longest Social Experiment

Journey Through Time

Step into history with this groundbreaking nonprofit initiative designed to weave together the stories of today for the explorers of tomorrow. This unique endeavor offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect lives, cultures, and moments across a span of 100 years.

Each capturing diverse global cultures and experiences.
The period each capsule will be buried, creating a century-long legacy.
Capsules placed in culturally and historically significant cities worldwide.
Redefining Time Capsules

Capturing Humanity's Essence

At the center of our global effort is an initiative that transcends the traditional scope of time capsules. These are not merely containers for material objects; rather, they safeguard human stories, experiences, and emotions. This journey intertwines the fabric of our collective human experience, enriched with diverse narratives and insights from people worldwide.

The foundation of this project is the recognition that our shared human experiences are invaluable. Every contribution adds a thread to the tapestry of our era, capturing not just the physical aspects of our lives but also the hopes, dreams, and emotions that define us. Whether through a digital memoir, a handwritten letter, or a piece of meaningful art, each item contributes to the puzzle that forms our collective humanity.

1000 way to Participate

Ways to Participate

Imagine a bridge spanning a century, carrying voices, visions, and secrets from today into the world of tomorrow. The Time Capsule Project offers you this unique passage to the future. Whether it’s a whispered secret, a burst of creativity, or a message of hope, what would you share if you knew it would reach ears a hundred years from now? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Messages to the Future

Leave letters or advice for your descendants to read one day.

Document Family History
Record the stories and important events of your family's past that you don't want to be forgotten.
Capture Today’s Moments
Store photos, videos, or voice recordings that show what life is like today.
Future Predictions
Note down your forecasts on technology and societal changes.
Preserved Secrets
Safely keep your personal or family stories and secrets that are an integral part of your heritage.
Who Are You?
Provide a snapshot of your life's journey and identity.
Preserve Art and Music
Save your own or your family’s artworks and recordings for future artists and family members to enjoy.
Dreams and Wishes
Express your hopes and dreams for those who will come after you.
A Journey Through Time

How It Works

Joining The Time Capsule Project is a simple, yet impactful journey. Here’s how you can become a part of this historic venture:

Decide on a contribution type—either digital files or a small physical item.
Complete the registration form, detailing your contribution and choosing a time capsule location for its preservation.
Upload digital files through our secure portal or mail physical items to us, ensuring they are marked with your unique contribution number.
You'll receive an email confirmation once your contribution is processed, securing its place in the Time Capsule for a 100-year journey.
Make History

Why Participate?

Preserve Your Story

Secure a place in a global legacy where your experiences resonate with future generations.

Connect Across Time

Bridge the gap between today and tomorrow by sharing your unique insights and wisdom.

Support a Noble Cause

Your participation helps keep this project free and accessible to everyone, supporting our non-profit mission.

Celebrate Diversity

Add your voice to a collective narrative that celebrates the vast tapestry of global cultures and personal experiences.

Inspire Future Innovations

Lay the groundwork for future breakthroughs by providing a rich source of knowledge from our time.

Engage in Global Unity

Become part of a global effort to build a shared memory that transcends cultural and historical boundaries.

Your Donation Matters
Support Our Efforts

Your Donation Matters

Every contribution supports our efforts to preserve diverse narratives globally, ensuring free participation and wide accessibility. Your donation helps safeguard stories for future generations, maintaining our mission to capture and cherish human experiences. Your support is vital to continuing our work and enriching it with a broad spectrum of perspectives.

Assured Integrity

Trusted Excellence

Certified Social Enterprise

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